What is B2B Customer Advocacy?

The simple definition of an advocate is someone who supports or pleads on behalf of another. In the B2B environment, this goes beyond someone who buys everything you have. It is about the relationships that the customer has with your company and its brands. They are not just happy with your products and the experience they have had with your organisation. We help you to nurture them so that they have an emotional attachment to your brand and want to tell others about what you have enabled them to do. Involvement within your Customer Advocacy programme can become one of the benefits of being your customer. Our clients are using these programmes as a proactive way to differentiate their customers’ experience and create competitive advantage.

Driving Revenue Growth

The simple truth is that customers buy on the experience of their peers. Research has shown that brand advocates are 70% more likely to be seen as a good source of information by the people around them. Not only will an effective Customer Advocacy programme help increase sales, it shortens the time to purchase and can reduce the cost per sale.

Impressive Demand Generation

Customer advocates increase the reach of your marketing activity and give it the increased power of endorsement. A frightening statistic is that 70% of content created by B2B marketers is never used. Your advocates will distribute and promote your marketing content. The result is impressive demand generation. On average, leads generated by your advocates are up to 10 times more valuable than leads from other marketing activities.

Embedding Customer Loyalty

An essential part of every successful Customer Advocacy programme is the relationship between your company and the customer. The programme should be designed not only to help the customer promote your brand to others but also to deepen the relationship between you and your most important customers. It should serve as a demonstration to other customers of how you are willing to work very closely with them to create mutual benefits.

Smart, cost-effective marketing

An effective Customer Advocacy programme is perhaps the most cost-effective marketing activity you can undertake. After all, it's your customers that are doing most of the work! Some industry estimates have put the cost of an annual Customer Advocacy programme as less than two ad Insertions in the national press. The difference is that Customer Advocacy is far more targeted, efficient and delivers better quality leads.

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