Managed Customer Advocacy

We deliver an end-to-end Customer Advocacy programme. It begins by working with you to develop the Customer Advocacy strategy that best aligns to your business objectives. We identify, engage and nurture your key customer advocates. We work with them and you to create marketing content for a wide range of online and offline placement – including video, social media and business development opportunities – that best support your sales and marketing efforts. Finally, we use comprehensive metrics to analyse the effectiveness of your campaign.

Key tools include:

  • Video Marketing
    We design, storyboard, script, film, edit and place Customer Advocacy videos that drive high quality leads.
  • Social Media
    We specialise in seeding high quality content on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Events & Media Partnerships
    Whatever your event, we work with your customers to exploit content and lead generation opportunities.
  • Sales Integration
    We offer complete integration of Customer Advocacy with CRM packages such as Salesforce.

Content Marketing

Customer advocates play an important role in the positive promotion of your products and services. They can also help to build value in your brand. A well planned Customer Advocacy strategy can ensure they play a pivotal role in thought leadership and product development. Gaining opinions first hand from customers gives you a foundation for insightful marketing content that will position you as a leader in a market space or product category. We are proven to develop winning issues-led, customer-focused content built around your own or key industry events that leverages trust and credibility of key customers’ while bridging that with contrasting views from relevant opinion formers. The end result is highly valuable and shareable content that form the cornerstone of a highly-effective, integrated sales & marketing campaign. This content drives engagement from the targeted decision-makers you want to reach but most importantly, it creates value that drives business.

Lead Generation & Media Placement

Famous 4 has developed close working relationships with a number of key media organisations. The goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship for the media company and our clients. For the media organisations we provide credible customer content which helps them to attract the correct level of delegate to their event. For our clients, we offer a range of opportunities from speaking slots for their customers to bespoke content marketing and sponsorship programmes around industry events that are proven to drive lead generation.

“Famous 4 just gets how to drip-feed customer-led content to capture the imagination of the delegate’s journey to our events. This helps Famous4’s clients connect with the right delegates who hold the budgets and so provides a strong ROI from their customer advocacy.”

Mike England
Content Director
Imago Techmedia

Sales & Marketing Training

Your sales and marketing teams should be your best advocates but they need the tools and skills to be effective. We provide tailored training courses to gear up your teams to take full advantage of the Customer Advocacy programme and the content created for it. The training can include:

  • How your sales and marketing teams can achieve the best results from their investment in social media, including listening and monitoring and how to engage customers and prospects with interesting and relevant content
  • How to align this content to the correct part of the sales process
  • How Customer Advocacy fits with your company's chosen CRM solution to ensure it is championed by sales

Content Audit

Your Customer Advocacy programme must align closely to your marketing strategy and business objectives. Many companies are already looking to engage with customers but this is often unsystematic and unplanned. We offer a service to audit your existing customer engagement approaches, customer content and communications channels. This encompasses qualitative research with existing and prospective customers to provide a solid foundation for planning and developing your Customer Advocacy programme.

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