How to increase revenue with 360 degree customer advocacy

November 2016

Customers aren't scary. They're your livelihood. Learn to work with them properly and you'll see real boosts to your bottom line.


The financial benefits of 360 degree customer advocacy by Famous4 Customer Advocacy
  • How to turn your B2B customers into advocates

    September 2016

    Customer advocacy is one of the hottest trends in B2B marketing. How are marketers promoting and measuring something as transient as individual dialogue and referral?


  • Guest blog:
    Really getting to know your customers

    March 2016

    We discuss the four-point guide from Famous4 to better understand the customer journey. we look at the emerging trend for ‘cognitive commerce’ where there’s far more science to really knowing who the customer is.


  • Five ways to harness customer advocates to build your business

    August 2015

    Read our five steps on how to nurture customer advocates and drive a stronger, customer-led brand and more profitable business growth:


  • Feature:
    The Viral Virus

    May 2014

    Whether it’s likes, follows, shares or views, it’s clear we are a world obsessed with popularity. In a world obsessed with popularity, is viral video the best route for B2B brands – and what does it take to get there?


  • How to measure success

    May 2014

    While customer loyalty programmes are commonplace, evidence indicates that not all schemes are delivering.


  • MIND CONTROL: Buyer psychology

    September 2013

    Persuasion is a powerful thing, made all the more powerful if you understand the science behind it.


  • The Missing Link Between sales & marketing

    August 2013

    Read our take on customer advocacy for sales enablement with client,


  • 10 tips for infectious viral content

    March 2012

    Learn how to create content that spreads like wildfire with our tips and tricks from online marketing experts.


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