The Brief

Virgin Media Business wanted to move beyond the customer reference programme that it had run for a number of years. It wanted to turn those customers into active advocates. The company asked Famous 4 to audit its existing situation and make recommendations how to move to Customer Advocacy. Famous 4 was then commissioned to implement the Customer Advocacy programme so that it became an integral part of the company's marketing mix and helped build awareness in a number of core elements of the Virgin Media Business brand.


“Famous4 Communications has created a customer advocacy strategy to nurture and showcase the strong relationships we have with our customers. The result is that both the customers and Virgin Media Business are benefiting from multiple marketing placements.”

Sara Doggett, PR manager at Virgin Media Business

The Results

  • Integrated Customer Advocacy programme targeted and engaged with innovative customers from key vertical sectors
  • Customers selected that best reflected Virgin Media Business brand values; and could demonstrate how the solution met their market challenge
  • Benefits packages tailored for each customer that became an advocate for the brand. Customer input enormously helped with new product development
  • High-production, broadcast video customer case studies were followed by strategic marketing placements including speaking opportunities and event attendance
  • Using customers telling their stories, whether via video, social media and in person had a demonstrable return on investment

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